When I made this there was a gun to my head. I was brought to a room with no windows and bare walls. The candy was in a bowl at the center, with a small pile of poster board and 3 pens nearby. He gave me 3 hours, which would have been fine but I was shaky and afraid.
Let me helpTell me what ails you and I’ll prescribe a song
In case you were wondering
HouseListen now (4 min) | song
a cover
I can't see anymore. What a gift! Vision has never agreed with me. I hate looking and always have. If something is in front of me, why should I know? W…
I made these in 2006 The file sizes are so small I love them. They are buried in a pile somewhere. I could re-scan but I liked finding them sitting in …
What follows is an account of each erotic event accompanied by a letter grade.
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