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What Is This?

I have many things to share with you each week: unreleased recordings, videos I've made for my songs through online deep dives, things left behind as my projects changed shape. I have writings, thoughts on process, and some full-on stories. When I first started making things I was feverish and uploaded everything as I finished it. I still binge-make and find it very difficult to hold on to what I've created. I will be more generous here, a place where I can send things right away as they come to be. I love making albums and bigass videos, but so much Stuff is lost along the way that deserves a home. Also, when I start cooking up my next record I intend to bring you with me in real time.

I will be sharing all kinds of content for both free and paid subscribers. I want to use this place as a way to CONNECT. Can you handle that? Can I? I have been unhinged on Twitter for some time now, but there is a certain seasoning to interactions there that doesn't sit right with me. This place allows for a little more world-building—I think we can cultivate a similar deranged spirit together and SUSTAIN IT. Rats to the front.

What is Perfume Genius?

Perfume Genius is the moniker of artist Mike Hadreas. Hadreas grew up in Seattle, WA and started his music career in 2008. Since then, Mike has grown a dedicated following around his recorded music, videos, live shows and his social media.

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