I spent some time editing this before the holidays. My hard drive is full of various softcore, d-list horror movies, found 90s home video and corporate training videos. ITS WHAT I LIKE. I never really watch them, I just comb through everything on mute until a moment strikes me. Usually while I play one of my own demos over and over. That process can take an entire day. The looking for footage and the combing through it. The same song playing for hours. Editing can take quite a while too. It is alternately very satisfying and very frustrating. When the audio and video match up and I’ve choregraphed them in a pleasing way it is full body good feeling. When nothing hits and i’m spending hours poring over psychotic footage at the expense of everything else…….like i am STINKING honey……like the phone needs to be ANSWERED honey…..well….. it kind of magnifies how skewed my priorities are sometimes. But entertaining my deranged impulses is also how i make my money, which is very confusing. How do i protect and indulge that mechanism but also like have a conference call and answer my email or whatever?

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